Core Values

We believe in the dignity of all people.

This is reflected in our relationships with our client’s, suppliers, employees and tradespeople.

We are concerned about the environment.

We dispose of waste materials responsibly and recycle often.

We conduct our business with honesty and integrity.

Our communication is simple, clear and straightforward.

We create value for our customers.

We will operate at a profit and charge a fair reasonable price for the work we do.



Harkness Builders, Inc. creates added value to the homes and lives of its customers. The added value is reflected both financially and in the quality of life within the home. We are able to do this by first listening very closely to the desires and dreams of our client’s and then creating and implementing a plan to achieve those dreams.

We have been able to assemble a team of dedicated people, both employees and trades people with a keen understanding of the special challenges associated with remodeling. It is always our desire to manage the project in such a way that is respectful of our client’s home, privacy and schedule. The process is to be enjoyed, not endured.