Company Overview

Harkness Builders, Inc. is a residential, general contractor in Mooresville North Carolina. We focus on renovations and remodeling. We have been working on homes in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area since 1994.

We all spend a great deal of time in our homes and they are the setting for many of our most important memories with our families. What a great thing it is when the home has been tailored to fit the family well. Who enjoys wearing a suit of clothes that fit poorly? How much worse is it to try and squeeze our 21stcentury lifestyle into a home that was not planned for it.

We are passionate about running our business and individual projects in a manner that strives for excellence and integrity. We believe (and it has been our experience) that the process of renovation, properly approached, can be as enjoyable as the final product. We pride ourselves in clear, open and complete communication with our clients. Please take a moment to listen to our testimonials and please consider Harkness Builders, Inc. for your remodel project.