Confessions of a Remodeler


So 2012 is almost done. We are down to the last few hours. I just want to take a moment to express some gratitude.


First and foremost I want to thank my terrific clients. It can be a very daunting thing indeed to invite someone into your home, ask them to tear it up and believe that the ensuing change to your routine will yield the desired outcome. I’m fond of saying “you have to break some eggs to make an omelette”. There is truth in that statement but nevertheless it can be pretty scary when it is your eggs that are being broken. So THANK YOU to all of you who have placed your trust in us and believed we could help make your dreams come true. Thank you for believing that we could remodel your home in a way that makes it very much worth it. We do not take the trust you place in us lightly. Indeed it is an honor to help you remodel your homes and make them just what you want.


Secondly, I want to thank all of the wonderful trades people that we have developed relationships with. I am proud of what we do together and I could certainly not do it alone. Most of you we have worked with for years and some of you we have worked with for decades. It is of great value to have relationships with skilled folks that share the vision and drive to do things right. Who am I kidding? It’s not just great value it’s priceless!


Finally, I want to thank my wife, Anne Harkness. In 2013 we will celebrate 34 years of marriage. She does not work with Harkness Builders in a daily way, but she does see me daily, and does much to help keep me focused and in line. Without her support I could not do what I do. Thank you Sweetie.


So, THANK YOU for a great 2012 and let’s all have a blessed 2013.



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    I’m Larry Harkness and I think it is an absolute blast to be a remodeling contractor in the Lake Norman area. There are few things more satisfying than helping homeowners make the changes to their homes...

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